Goods Nursery and Produce is located in beautiful Bellingham, WA. We are a local establishment that is run by local people who value community and honest business. Our mission is to provide Bellingham with fresh, local, Washington grown produce, seven days a week. During the spring and early summer months we also offer an assortment of healthy, hearty plants for vegetable and flower gardens. Later in the year, Goods will carry healthy holiday trees!

Goods is committed to providing the neighborhood and community with the freshest, responsibly-grown, produce that Washington State has to offer. Goods will work throughout the growing seasons to connect with local Washington farmers in order to provide fresh, Washington grown produce to our community. We will continue to build relationships with local farmers and cultivate Goods Nursery and Produce into a neighborhood business that you can be proud of.

Image of Owner Cory BakkerOwner: Cory Bakker
Cory's Favorite Things...
Fruit: Watermelon & Tomatoes
Veggie: Carrots
Flower: African Daisies
Season: Snowboarding Season
Favorite thing about Bellingham: No matter how big Bellingham gets, local business owners won't let it lose its small town feel.
Image of Owner Molly Fay Owner: Molly Fay
Molly's Favorite Things...
Fruit: Donut Nectarines
Veggie: Asparagus
Flower: Hydrangea
Season: Fall
Favorite thing about Bellingham: The beautiful Bellingham Bay that I get to see everyday!